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A new chapter for Metaverse industry

29/10/2021Category : hivolve

Yesterday was the beginning of a new chapter for the Metaverse industry.Facebook announced they will change their name for Meta and their focus for the virtual world instead of social media. This means that in the next few years we will see several improvements in equipments and tools for creators and users to use. To..

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Happy 3rd Anniversary!

03/09/2021Category : hivolve

Happy birthday hivolve

Congratulations to us! Today is an extremely happy day for hivolve. It is the day that we complete 3 years at the service of the Portuguese and foreign companies, bringing innovation to all our customers and partners, providing the best technological solutions, capable of revolutionizing the market and business life. If it is true that..

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hivolve new website

19/07/2021Category : hivolve

Welcome to our new website!

Today, July 19, 2021, we have officially launched our new website, completely renewed and updated. A new image, new content, new formats. We hope that our website pleases you as much as it pleases us. Special thanks to our partner JMPIS for this fantastic work, we will continue to walk side by side, growing together!

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