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//Loving The Planet Partnership

Loving The Planet Partnership

12/02/2019Category : hivolve

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Nothing reflects this partnership better than our motto.

The Loving the Planet – Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) – is a global communication platform, founded in 2018, to combat the imbalance caused by numerous aggressions to nature and climate. It aims to promote and improve communication in society, in companies and in the scientific community, so that, all together, we can find the desired balance, on the threatened Planet in which we live.

Loving the Planet warns of the urgency of bringing together the best of each party in creating a common effort to safeguard natural resources. Despite the high degree of current scientific knowledge, the multiplicity of NGOs and political commitments regarding the environment and its sustainability, there is a lack of clear and mobilizing communication from all actors in the process. It is by acting in concerted and holistic way that Loving the Planet intends to bridge this gap and achieve the desired balance on the Planet.

hivolve feels the need to support behavior change, especially those that compromise wildlife and nature present on Planet Earth. We want to help Loving The Planet balance the planet, reset our needs.

The partnership was formalized between hivolve’s Ceo, Tiago Romano, and Loving The Planet President Eduardo Rêgo, an unparalleled voice of the SIC – Wildlife program.

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