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Galius - Renault Trucks

Virtual Reality for better driving

Galius - Renault Trucks
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//Galius – Renault Trucks

Galius - Renault Trucks

Virtual Reality for better driving

Galius - Renault Trucks

Category : Virtual Reality

iReality, is the new awareness project in Advanced Driving Techniques supported by Virtual Reality (VR), a state-of-the-art entertainment technology, provided by Galius and developed in partnership with hivolve.

This project transports the driver to a unique space where you will find a new learning experience, more interactive, more immersive, more sensory, more flexible and shaped to your needs.


The new space, eats its users with progressive driving techniques in two horizons, the first focused on improving fuel efficiency,  sustainability,  extending the life of the vehicle and optimizing its operational performance. The second objective is to provide drivers with knowledge capable  of increasing their level of comfort  on board, as well as their safety and that of the vehicle, cargo and other road users.

  • Date : July 2019
  • Client : Galius - Renault Trucks
  • Skills : Virtual Reality
Client Review.

" We wanted to give our customers an unrepeatable, more interactive and deeper experience using virtual reality, also ensuring the improvement and innovation of our organization. Choosing hivolve was choosing a reliable partner, available and with rigorous knowledge of development, programming and design. ", Patrícia Simões - Marketing Manager

Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality allows us to recreate the normal delivery conditions of a truck. We were able to transport the user to a custom-built scenario, allowing him to be focused only on that environment, not being bothered by spontaneous distractions.

What has been done?

We recorded in 360º and replicated all the training performed in the act of delivery of a truck. We have introduced new content, more up-to-date, with the possibility to review each chapter as many times as the user wants to understand it fully.

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