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Super Bock Group

A visit to the past by the hand of Augmented Reality

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//Super Bock Group

Super Bock Group

A visit to the past by the hand of Augmented Reality

Super Bock Group








It is in Casa da Cerveja where we can watch the whole process of brewing, know the raw materials that give rise to it, as well as the remarkable moments, stories and curiosities of the Super Bock brand. This House holds memories that accompanied the evolution of its business and beer, representing a brewing heritage of relevant historical and cultural value for the Super Bock Group and also for Portugal.

Our Augmented Reality experience allows you to go back in time and history and see how the Copper Room, which was the first brewing room, worked. Checking the processes, machines and equipment of the past are just some of the possibilities offered by our solution.

  • Date : April 2019
  • Client : Super Bock
  • Skills : Augmented Reality

"We now have the possibility to go back in time and offer a unique experience to our visitors. Thank you to the whole hivolve team for the work done."

Why Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows you to introduce virtual objects or models into real space, complementing it. This feature made it the perfect technology to go back in time while we witness the present.

What has been done?

We have developed a solution that allows you to see processes, machines, and methodologies of the last century, showing exactly how the brewing process worked.

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